School Governance Council Meeting Minutes

School Governance Council

Wednesday, November 29, 2011

“Getting Started”


Patty Avalon

  • Working with the state with school governance councils (required by state)


Schools, families and communities all contribute to student success, and the best results come when all three work together as equal partners.


The Research Says (when parents/families are engaged)

  • Higher test scores
  • Higher school morale
  • Less suspensions/expulsions
  • Higher graduation rate
  • Better rep in the community
  • Higher sense of belonging for all families



  • Enable parents, school staff, students (where appropriate) and community leaders to work together to improve student achievement in the states school
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to assist the school administration
  • Principles do not have a vote


Advisory areas

  • School/student achievement
  • Budget objectives (title one can be used for parent activities)
  • Interview committees
  • Program and operational
  • Changes/policy
  • Parent policy and compact (if title one it is required)
  • Parents surveys



  • Manage the school
  • Supervise staff
  • Enter into contracts
  • Discuss individual parent/student issues
  • Determining eligibility for admission (magnet lotteries)
  • Determine class allocations/student assignments



  • Establish norms (behavior, ex. Cell phones on vibrate)
    • Cell phones on vibrate
    • Be prompt
    • Establish a contact chain
    • Have an agenda
    • Assign roles ex. Timekeeper
    • Respectful discourse







  • Qualities of Community member


  • Always Keep in mind: 
    • Who are our students?
    • What are their greatest needs?


  • Lets begin with our strengths
    • Please work with each other to identify the academic and operational strengths of your school
      • Community spirit within the school (student and staff)
      • Outstanding Teachers
      • Excellent Counselors
      • Academically focused
      • Student oriented resource officer in school (whpd)
      • Extracurricular Activities
      • After school tutoring


  • Determining Needs/Coming to Consensus
    • Discuss areas of possible need
    • What common needs have been identified
    • Narrow those down to no more than 2
      • Student achievement (academics)
      • More parent involvement (better communication)


Student Governance Council

Bailey Middle School

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Meeting Called Order at 6:30 pm

Patrick Pickering Approved minutes to last meeting

Rosanne Ferraro Second


Attendance: Patrick Pickering, Audrey Jefferson, Michelle Caprio, Margaret Borelli, Cyndi Messina, Rosanne Ferraro, Gamila Elbashir, Sheila Krajcir, visitors: Jessica Tingley and Verna Jefferson


Discussion about Community Members

  • Have four people in mind come to next meeting


Establish Roles:

  • Moderator:
  • Time Keeper: Anthony Cordone
  • Note Keeper: Cyndi Messina
  • Robert’s Rules of Order: Michelle Caprio


CMT Symposium

  • Having another presentation in February
  • Go over types of questions, etc.
  • Non-fiction reading
  • Science grade 8 only
  • Math (greatest need due to algebraic content being taught in high school)
  • Hold in the next 3-4 weeks


Parental Involvement (Ideas)

  • About a 1/3 of the students do not have access to internet (household internet).
  • Other schools have an email connection or other social network connections that inform the parents of on-goings in the school and after.
  • What days teachers are available for extra help put on powerschool
  • Have a parent night for power school
  • Manage announcements on the bailey website
  • Use the West Haven News as a resource to get the word out to parents
  • Input grades as they come in as soon as possible so that parents can take care of problems sooner than later
  • How do you motivate other parents that are not engaged
  • Have parents have to come into school to get the report card and meet with teachers
    • Teachers have to be present (change dates for next year/contract)
    • Calendar is negotiated each year
    • D and F students should be given the appointment
    • Door prizes
    • Parental Compact (Kevin Hardy)
    • Having translators available for conferences, newsletters, etc.
    • Parental/Team forum on half days
      • Have team meet with ~20 parents at a time to go over units of study in each academic, supports, etc.
      • That time would be 12:30/1:00 how can we make that work? (possible pilot one 7th grade and one 8th grade)
      • Have pamphlets sent out ahead of time to allow parents to decide whether or not to attend
      • Having translators available for conferences, newsletters, etc.
        • Families not feeling comfortable
        • Have a high school student to volunteer for hours
        • UNH/Southern can also be a resource


Motivation for CMT

  • Countdown to CMT’s
  • Readers are leaders
  • Read/Practice/Sleep/Eat/Attend
  • Dates of the CMT
  • Exposure
  • Competition for teams


Plan Next Time:

  • Meet/Invite community leaders
  • Meeting date: February 8, 2012
  • Cultural World Map for entry way showing the bailey community
    • We are all from different ships, but we are in the same boat now


Call meeting to adjourn at 7:54 pm

Student Governance Council

Bailey Middle School

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Meeting Called Order at 6:34 pm

Michelle Approved minutes to last meeting

Audrey Second


Attendance: Anthony Cordone, Robert Saley, Verna Jefferson, Jessica Tingley, Margaret Borelli, Audrey Jefferson, Michelle Caprio, and Cynthia Messina


Copy of By-Laws

  • Michelle went on website (CABE) for school governance for CT. Use as sample.
  • Tony will make a copy for everyone so that everyone can look it over and discuss for next meeting.
  • Michelle is going through each article, sending out to members to discuss



  • Funds for flags for the hallway


CMT Symposium

  • Taking place February 29th at 6-7:30
  • Will have the schedule ready for that night
  • Starts the 5th, and lasts for 2 weeks.
  • Put date and time up on the website.
  • CMT Pep Rally (are you smarter than a 7th/8th grader)
  • CMT game


Informational Board Outside School

  • Tony looking into cost and bringing it to the attention of superintendent
  • Fundraising
  • Zumba instructors can do a fundraising event

Cultural World Map

  • Run a report from the computer to see if we have
  • Students can take a survey during social studies and data can be compiled to see what the percentages we have in our building
  • World map on the wall with flags in various
  • Welcome sign in different languages
  • Interpreters for the meeting


Registration Day (Evening)

  • Have parents come and fill out papers
  • Have a demo for powerschool
  • Give them an understanding of how things are run at Bailey




Report Cards for Parent Visiting

  • Superintendent says there should not be a problem.
  • How to make parent visiting less frustrating
  • Appointments? Time limit?
  • Will all parents be required to go (straight A’s)
  • Sit as a team, go alphabetically
  • Talking in depth make a meeting with the team


School Spirit/Community involvement

  • Parent nights (parents come in and do an activity with the students)
    • Interests can be done using the survey
    • Teacher vs. Students
    • Parents vs. Kids
    • Volleyball and Basketball
    • How to get parents involved?
    • Voice messenger, website, get kids excited about it and they will bring the news home to parents.
    • Pep Rally for involvement
    • Opportunities for parents can be provided (transportation provided)
    • How do we get parents in the door in the beginning of the year?
      • Registration evening
      • Have translators to make it more welcoming
      • Open House???


Robert Saley and Vera Jefferson

  • Community leaders
  • Tony vote quorum of existing group and accept community leaders into group (2 year term)
  • All in favor


Plan Next Time:

  • By-Laws (Michelle)
  • Cultural Breakdown
  • March 14, 2012


Call meeting to adjourn at 7:50 pm