Bailey "Perfect" Attendance Campaign 2019-20


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last year the homeroom attendance competition was a success with teachers and students both being enthusiastic.  This year we will continue the attendance competition to promote regular student attendance. 

Each homeroom will create a catchy, creative homeroom name.  Some of the names used in the past were Pinto’s Pride, Hogan’s Heroes, Nicolelli’s Knuckle Heads, etc.  

Each day that a homeroom has perfect attendance we will place a letter on your poster.  Once the homeroom has completed the word “PERFECT”,  the group can begin working on their next PERFECT sign.  

At the end of the year, the homeroom with the most PERFECT signs for 7
th and 8th grade will be taken to a special breakfast at Cielo Banquet Ballroom at the West Haven Italian American Club.  The breakfast will take place in June.  There will also be a wild card chosen in 7th and 8th grade.  Therefore, four homerooms will be chosen.

Good luck and we look forward to you making this year perfect.

Mrs. Sutton