Bailey Classroom and School Expectations
Bailey Classroom and School Expectations
Posted on 09/26/2014
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CLASSROOM: Each student is expected to behave appropriately and with respect for others so that all students have an opportunity to learn. Students should be seated at their desks when class starts and should work diligently throughout the period. Everyone is expected to do his/her best.

PASSING: Students are to move promptly, quickly AND safely during passing periods.
All students must have a staff issued written “pass” to move throughout the school when leaving an assigned classroom
MATERIALS: It is required that each student has the following materials in class daily:

1. A pen and pencil.
2. A section of a loose-leaf notebook or a separate notebook for each subject area. Each section or separate notebook must be neatly organized and contain only the materials for one particular class.
3. A homework agenda in which students will copy all daily assignments.
4. A copy of his/her schedule attached to the notebook.
5. Textbooks must be COVERED and brought to class each day.

HOMEWORK: Homework is given as an extension of daily class activities.
1. Homework must be done neatly.
2. Late and incomplete assignments may result in the lowering of a student's grade. Students may also be asked to stay after school to complete assignments.
3. Parents will be notified if the team recognizes a problem with the completion of homework by a particular student.
4. Even if no written assignment is given for the following day, students should spend some time studying, reviewing, reading or working on long-term assignments.

PUNCTUALITY: It is the responsibility of everyone to be on time. This is an expectation throughout your life. Students who are late to school and/or class without an acceptable excuse will receive discipline points towards in-school suspension. Students who accumulate an excessive number of late to school or classes may be assigned to In-School Suspension (ISS), Out Of School Suspension (OSS), Behavior Intervention Program (BIP), or After School Intervention Program (ASIP).


o Radios, Cameras
o Walkmans/Discmans/IPods/MP3 Players Beepers, etc.
o Electronic Games, Video Games, etc.
o Lasers (including replica/facsimile of), flashlights o Other Electronic Devices (tools, curling irons, etc.) o Skateboards/Scooters
o Roller blades/Shoes with wheels
o Playing/Trading Cards, Yo-yos, toys, etc.
o Weapons, including but not limited to Facsimile/Replica Weapons
o Lighters, Matches, Fireworks, Stink Bombs, Smoke Bombs, Flammable items, etc.
o Any other items considered inappropriate or disruptive (i.e. balloons, flowers, stuffed animals, etc.)
These items MUST NOT be brought to school. If they are, they will be confiscated and only be returned to the student's parent or guardian at the end of the school year. The school is not responsible for trying to recover lost or stolen items. All unclaimed items will be disposed of if not claimed by the parent by the end of the school year.
** Cellular Phones - While permitted in schools, (Refer to Board Policy 5131.81), cellular phones MUST BE POWERED OFF and OUT OF SIGHT. The school is not responsible if any of these items are lost or stolen. IF a cell phone is confiscated, a parent can be required to pick it up.