Mr. Scanlon - 7th and 8th Grade Chorus

Welcome to the choral music page for Bailey Middle School's award winning Bailey Chorus.  Please check into this site for information on upcoming events, questions about concert protocol, and other pertinent information for choral music at Bailey.

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8th Grade Chorus: Bailey Middle School 8th Grade Chorus is directed by Mr. Paul Scanlon, a 35 year veteran teacher of choral music.  The motto for the chorus is "Chorus Is Family".  Mr. Scanlon emphasizes the importance of maintaining a supportive and positive attitude. Students are given the opportunity to develop both solo and group singing skills in a nurturing environment.  Solo singing is encouraged but not required.

The chorus maintains an active performance schedule, with concerts taking place throughout the year in venues that range from the most intimate to full stadium settings. Some of the more popular performance opportunities include...

• Connecticut Regional All-State Festival Competition
• Six Flags Chorus Competition
• Sound Tigers Hockey Arena Performance of the National Anthem
• Seacrest Performance
• Chorus Flashmob
• Winter Concert
• Spring Concert
• Bailey Voices Pop Music Concert

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7th Grade Chorus: Bailey Middle School 7th Grade Chorus is directed by Mr. Paul Scanlon.  The chorus is especially geared toward the changing adolescent voice, with emphasis on developing musical skills in a fun classroom setting.  Games, exercises, and songs combine to make this group one of the premier 7th grade choruses in the area.  A positive attitude and desire to learn to sing well is all that is required.  Performance opportunities include...

• Connecticut Regional All-State Festival Competition
• Winter Hall Sing
• Classroom Karaoke
• Chorus Performance at Carrigan
• Barnes & Noble Performance
• Winter Concert
• Spring Concert
• Bailey Voices Pop Music Concert

Check here for concert information and other special announcements.

‚ÄčThe Bailey Chorus Winter Concert will take place in the Bailey Auditorium on Monday, December 17th, 2018 at 7 pm.  All 7th and 8th grade chorus members are required to attend this concert.  Please make arrangements with after school evening activities so you may attend this school event.  For chorus students unable to get a ride to the concert, bus transportation is provided.  Please see Mr. Scanlon in C103 by Thursday, December 13th to signup for a bus ride to the concert. 

Details for this concert are as follows...

What: Bailey Chorus Winter Concert
When: Monday, December 17, 2018
Time: 7 pm (students plan to arrive between 6:15 and 6:30)
Place: Bailey Middle School Auditorium
Dress: White tops (collar preferred) Black (Dark) bottoms
Special request: All 8th grade chorus members bring 2 AA batteries.

    This concert will conclude at approximately 8:15 pm

Please contact Mr. Scanlon with any questions or concern.  He is available at 203.937.4380 during school hours or by email at