Ms. Fusco

"Geography. . . . you'd be lost without it."

Welcome to Ms. Fusco's 7th grade World Geography!!!!

Classroom Expectations

Students are expected to be. . . .  

 (Ms Fusco's 5 P's:)






Students are expected to show respect towards others and work in a responsible manner

Students are expected to bring materials needed for class each day

Students are expected to always give their best effort

Students should ask for help when needed (if not anticipated by the teacher or guidance counselor) 

Course Expectations

                                                World Geography

We will continue to learn the important geographic skills, tools, and concepts.  We will see how people change their environment and examine the different forms of government and cultures. Students will learn about the different landforms and waterways and understand how these features affect where and how people live.  We will be starting the year with the Five Themes of Geography.  We will also be learning about Latin America and Europe.  If you have specific experience with or information about geography please share it with your child.  Thank you!  I look forward to having a great year with you and your child!




Professional Interests: World History, Cultural Anthropology, Ancient Civilizations, U.S. History, Gender, Theology, Old World Prehistory, Sociology, Criminology, Feminist Theory and Literature, Economics, and Art History.

Personal Interests: I am originally from North Haven, CT and graduated Villanova University in 1997.  I have been teaching in West Haven for 11 years!  I enjoy softball, girls' swimming, and fencing.  I love playing chess.  I enjoy painting on oil canvas and playing the guitar in my spare time (which I never have!).  I also play the clarinet.   In the past, I have taken in animal rescues and I have 5 rabbits at home who were rescues!!! My favorite thing is writing short stories (science fiction/fantasy).  As a child, I loved ballet and now my little daughter takes ballet! I am den mother to my son's cub scout troop- Pack 455!   My #1 achievement is being the mother to my three beautiful children!!!! I have a 6-year old son, a 4- year old daughter and a 2-year old son.  I am married and live with my family in Northford, CT.


 PUBLICATIONS: "Eve’s Eden: An Analysis of Feminists’ Critiques of the Creation Story” A Thesis submitted to the School of Graduate Studies in Partial Fulfillment of the 
Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science, Southern CT State University, Ann Arbor, MI: Bell & Howell Publishing, May 2001.

GOAL:  I think the love of teaching and learning is a quality teachers must have.  I wish to attain a cultivation of knowledge by dedicating myself to learning, studying, and teaching in a field to which I am truly committed.  I believe this is the most important element sometimes missing in education today; the motivation and belief that EVERY child can learn and deep down WANTS to learn.  The most challenging issue in education today I believe is exactly this and how we, as educators, can motivate and get students enthusiastic about learning again.  This is crucial to me.   I enjoy helping students discover the talents within themselves and it has been my privilege to do so.  My students learn from the example I set, but also, I learn from them everyday. 

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