Ms. Delvecchio--Math Coach

Hello My Name Is...

Maria DelVecchio
Math Coach

As the math coach, I work with Dr. Cordone and the Guidance staff at Bailey,  Dr. Nicole Danishevsky, district math coordinator, Jen Kumnick, math department head at WHHS and the math coaches and facilitators at Carrigan and the elementary schools.  Throughout the year we attend math council meetings and curriculum workshops to keep informed of the most current issues and resources available in math.  We also meet as team to discuss and collaborate on development and implementation of the Common Core Curriculum.

Primarily, I work along side the classroom math teachers and math lab teacher as a co-teacher and resource for them and our students.   We have worked very hard to develop focused lessons and assessments which we feel will best instruct and guide the students in understanding math.  There is a strong focus on concept understanding and math vocabulary.  Along with content assessments and quizzes, the students are also quizzed specifically on math vocabulary.  The new curriculum is rigorous and challenging  and we are confident are students will be successful in math.

Look for our monthly math newsletter sent home with the students and on our website for math students of the month and math department information!

Maria DelVecchio