Mr. Gilchrist


Welcome to Wood Shop with Mr. Gilchrist!

Room C106


This is an awesome class that introduces students to the world of woodworking. Students will learn safety, the application of measuring, and the proper use of hand tools and certain machinery. Students will apply this technical knowledge and skills to make several small woodworking projects. We have fun while working hard and staying safe!

Course Outline

There are several units and three projects that make up the 45 day rotation. An emphasis is placed on safety and proper behavior when working in the woods lab.

Unit 1
Safety and Class Room Rules
(3-5 Days)

Unit 2
Measurement: How to Read a Standard Ruler
(3-5 Days)

Unit 3
Band Saw and Scroll Saw
(2-3 Days)

Unit 4
Drill Press and Chop Saw
(2-3 Days)



Unit 5
Project 1 - The Name Plate

Unit 6
Project 2 - The Step Stool or The Book Shelf

Unit 7
Project 3 - The Jigsaw Puzzle or The Vehicle or The Windup Toy