Mrs. Mitchell

Mitch and Kriton

Sherry Mitchell 

 I am an 8th grade science teacher and the team 6 Team Leader.  This is my 21st year teaching at Bailey and I am still loving it!  I not only get to work with some of the best teachers and staff in the world, but I get to work with the best students on the planet!  

The Mitchell Philosophy 
My students become my extended family for a lifetime.  I am not only interested in seeing them successful for the year that they are with me, I want to see them successful throughout their lives.  I want them leaving me confident critical thinkers, who shun the idea of rote memorization and embrace the desire to question the world around them. I challenge them to apply their knowledge and think outside the box so that they can become the innovators, inventors and creators of the future.  I encourage all my students to be science literate, challenging the Bad Science that is perpetuated, and believing
 that many more fabulous discoveries are yet to be made.  Most of all, I want all my students to leave me being good people!  
My favorite word is INSPIRE.  It is what I hope to always do for all my students!

Mitch Beyond Bailey
I have been married for 24 years and I have two teenagers of my own, my son and daughter.  We share the house with two big American Bulldogs and one six pound Chihuahua…who the big dogs are afraid of!  I have been a competitive equestrian since I was six years old, as a hunter/jumper and dressage rider. Aside from Bailey, the barn is my home away from home!