Bailey Attendance Policies

Tardy & early dismissal policy

"Tardy" is defined as after the start of the school day.

"Early departure" is defined as a departure any time prior to the scheduled end of the school day.

Late to school and early departures will be treated in a manner similar to absences. For middle school students, 4 “lates” to school or early departures will constitute 1 unexcused absence. If a student is not in attendance a minimum of 3 hours on a regular school day, it will be considered an absence. After the 9th late to school, points will assigned for every late to school and disciplinary action will follow.


Parent Portal absence codes

When using the Parent Portal via PowerSchool to view absences, the following codes will be used pertaining to attendance:

UA -Unexcused Absence

UAC-Unexcused Absence/Parental Contact




Principal review

At the middle school level, a total of 10 absences, whether excused or unexcused, will require a review by the principal. At the discretion of the principal, after consultation with the school nurse, each future absence beyond 10 may require a doctor's note. After 10 absences, whether excused or unexcused, the principal may refer the situation to the school's guidance department.


Possible retention

For the middle school level, students absent more than 20 days each school year shall be seriously considered for retention, unless the Intervention Team which may include principals, teachers and other appropriate staff members, determines that the student is eligible for advancement to the next grade. These absences include all legitimate illness absences and any or all other reasons a student may have for staying home or a parent may have for keeping a student home. Evidence of extraordinary illness must include statements from a physician and appeals should be made in writing to the Guidance Department.