Mrs. Krajcir's Computer Class

Welcome to Mrs. Krajcir's Computer Class.

All of our 7th graders are required to take computer class. Each child is working toward improving keyboarding skills, create a Powerpoint Presentations, create graphs in excel and write research papers in Microsoft word.  We want to challenge your child as well as impress upon them the need to use technology for their school work.  Inasmuch as we hope to have all our student proficient on the use of computers, we will also instill upon them the importance of internet safety.  With the cooperation and assistance of the WHPD, we educate the Bailey population on the dangers of the internet and how to safe guard themselves against online predators. We also spend time in the class discussing the proper use of social media and the positive ways in which social media has changed our world.

If you have any questions or concern in regard to your child grade or work in the classroom, please contact me at or 203-937-4380.