Curriculum Vitae

Andrea M.F. Fusco

Bailey Middle School

Morgan Lane

West Haven, CT

I am an energetic and quick learner; creative, friendly, meticulous, and organized. Extremely excellent computer skills: proficient in web design and systems, also very internet-savvy.  I excel heavily in writing; I am intensely expressive with the written word.  Fairly fluent in French, with excellent people skills.  Aggressive and dedicated; comfortable in any independent role.


PUBLICATIONS: "Eve’s Eden: An Analysis of Feminists’ Critiques of the Creation Story” A Thesis submitted to the School of Graduate Studies in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science, Southern CT State University, Ann Arbor, MI: Bell & Howell Publishing, May 2001.



2004 - State of Connecticut certification – Passed Praxis II for Middle School Social Studies and received Teaching Certification for History, Middle grades (#226)

2004 passed Praxis II for Middle School English/Language Arts, dual endorsement; certification pending.

2001 M.S. -Masters of Science- History/Anthropology, Southern CT State University, New Haven

1997 B.A. -Bachelors of Liberal Arts- History/Sociology, Villanova University, Villanova, PA (Minors in Communications Media, Women's Studies)


Work Experience

-Presently: Teaching 7th grade Social Studies at Bailey Middle School.  I have been teaching here for 11 years. 

-Taught Social Studies at North Haven Middle School for 2 years- U.S. History 8th grade and 7th grade Geography. 

- Permanent Substitute teacher, North Haven Middle School for Madame Munck, french teacher.

 -Working as sales representative for Olm.net (a successful web-hosting provider)

- (semester) teaching Art History Class at Eli Whitney, Hamden, CT

 - Adjunct faculty; assistant to Professor at Southern CT State University, Communications Media teacher

- Preschool Teacher for Step Ahead Preschool, preschool affiliated with Southern CT State University

 - Acting Probation Officer (internship) while studying Criminology at Villanova University - Philadelphia Dept. of Adult Probation and Parole, Philadelphia, PA. 


1997 Villanova University Scholarship Grant $7,624.00

1996 Villanova University Scholarship Grant $7,624.00

1995 Villanova University Scholarship Grant $7,624.00

1994 Villanova University Scholarship Grant $7,624.00

1993 St. Therese Scholarship Grant $500.00

1993 Scott McNeil Memorial Scholarship $250.00  


Dr. Marie Selvaggio

Chair of Sociology and Anthropology

SCSU New Haven, CT



Dr. William Waegel

Chair of Sociology/Criminology

Villanova University

Villanova, PA



Dr. Peter Knapp

Sociology Professor

Villanova University

Villanova, PA



Ms. Denis Cross

Principal of Vincent Morrel

Orchard St. New Haven, CT