Supply List

I recommend that ALL students use a 2" - 3 ring binder with subject dividers to help them obtain organization. The 1 binder will allow them easy access to all class/homework, notes and handouts. When students use a separate notebook for each class it seems the notebook, along with important papers are more likely to be lost or forgotten somewhere...... Also, having too many folders is not helpful. Papers get lost in different folders. Everything in 1 place is best!



2" - 3 ring binder (all classes can be in the binder)

2 subject dividers

notebook paper* small supply in notebook

blue/black ink pens only* need daily

correcting tools (white-out)

colored pencils


index cards*lots & lots will use all year

2GB flash drive- for projects


The above list of supplies are recommended in order to help students be prepared and successful. There may be other supplies needed throughout the school year to complete projects. ex. markers, poster board etc.