Teachers of the Month

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Tiffany teaches eighth grade Math and is in her third year teaching, all at Bailey.

- October | Tiffany Khan

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Melanie is a Special Education teacher. She's been teaching for 11 years, including 10 years at Bailey.

- October | Melanie Mahon

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Kyle teaches Health and is in his fourth year teaching, all at Bailey.

- November | Kyle Brown

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Deanna is a seventh grade Science teacher. She's been teaching for 27 years, including 24 at Bailey and three in Las Vegas.

- November | Deanna Pucillo

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Andrew teaches seventh grade Social Studies and has been teaching for three years, all at Bailey.

- December | Andrew Ladutko

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Lisa is a Special Education Inclusion Math teacher. This is her 25 year teaching, and 10th year at Bailey.

- December | Lisa Sibley

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Jennifer is an eighth grade Science teacher. This is her third year teaching.

- January | Jennifer D'Auria

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Jim teaches eighth grade Social Studies U.S. History: American Revolution to Civil War. He's been teaching for 27 years, all at Bailey.

- January | Jim Mastriano

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Taylor teaches eighth grade ELA on Team 8. This is her third year teaching and second year at Bailey.

- February | Taylor Brockett

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Jeanne teaches STEM and Science. She has been teaching for 25 years, including 10 at Bailey.

- February | Jeanne Vauiso