Bailey Middle School offers an impressive and exciting array of electives for its 7th and 8th-grade students. You can learn about each of those electives, and what our students are learning, by reviewing the descriptions below!

Applications of Technology

In this half-year class, we explore Keyboarding, the Google Suite, Internet Safety, Coding, and 3D Modeling. At the beginning of each class, students work on a typing software that practices keyboard fingering and accuracy. After completing typing, students are exposed to various units. Students will complete and reflect on the different projects in docs, sheets, and slides. Internet Safety is discussed. In our Coding Unit, students start with block coding and move on to writing code. Students design progressively harder projects while learning the skills of SketchUp software.


Current Events

In this half-year course, we explore, discuss, and analyze ongoing local and national issues, events, and stories that take place in the news every day. Our curriculum is framed through five major units: 1) Perspective, Bias, and Sources; 2) Sports; 3)Politics and Economics; 4) Entertainment; and 5) Technology. With such a wide range of topics, students will be sure to find something they’re interested in! In this class, students will continue to develop and improve their reading, writing, research, and communication skills.


Drama Class

Drama is a special area class here at Bailey Middle School. In Drama, students will be participating in various theatre and improvisational games, reading plays and scripts out loud. They will be learning about the history of theatre and where it started, learning the different aspects and people involved in the theatre, performing monologues and scenes from plays, and learning about different musicals and how musical theatre has evolved. It is not easy to stand in front of a class or group and speak. However, after taking this class, students will be comfortable doing so!


Digital Media

Digital Media is a project-based course that allows students to creatively express themselves through photography, digital graphics, computer animation, video production, and other newly emerging forms of digital media. Students will have a lot of fun exploring how to use professional camera equipment and lighting through the photography unit. Learning about how to manipulate and create original images using Photoshop. How to take those images and bring them to life by using animation software. Then we'll explore all the nuts and bolts of how movies and videos are made through the video unit. This course offers a chance to learn how to express yourself using your digital devices!


Introduction to Journalism

Introduction to Journalism is not just another ordinary writing course. It's an innovative eighth-grade special that encourages teenagers at Bailey Middle School to focus their multi-faceted vision on today's society. Students learn the fundamentals of graphic design, photography, note-taking, and interviewing skills. Once they build a sturdy foundation in these areas, they can entertain, inform, or persuade their audience with editorials, columns, news and feature articles, and reviews. An online newspaper, The Daily Bailey, will allow cub reporters the opportunity to share the voices of their peers, teachers, and additional members of the Bailey community.